What makes us different? Take a watch and see…

What will you value most about your wedding film in

10 years, 20 years, forever?

We believe it is your family. Like so many other wonderful wedding filmmakers in Denver, we pride myself on capturing your unique love story.  We will capture your youthful beauty, we will capture your preparation, your vows, and your reception. 

But, what separates our films from others is our focus on capturing your loved ones, especially your grandparents and parents. In the future what value will you put on your grandparents beaming as they talk about how proud of you they are? Do you have film of your parents bragging about what a wonderful adult you have become? How valuable will those moments be in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? When you show your kids your wedding film, will you want them to get to know you as well as your parents and grandparents personalties? How about when you show your grandkids? 

This is our charge and our passion. Capturing your loved ones in a timeless way, that will only grow in value over the years. We want to work with couples who prioritize their families as much as themselves. We want couples that want to take advantage of the fact that all their loved ones are in one place at one time, celebrating them. We believe it is imperative to take this opportunity to record the voice, and wisdom of our elders. 

 Does this sound like you?

Email us at mamabirdweddings@gmail.com


*Previously this company was named Dan Clarke Productions, but rebranded as Mamabird Weddings as this work is not about one person, but a vision.