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Dan Clarke

I have been married two times to the same woman (one in San Diego, and the second in Dzialdowo Poland.  Neither time did we have a videographer. I have very few regrets in life, but even though our photos bring back some wonderful memories, they do not compare to the value I feel our wedding film would have today. I would pay a small fortune to have the words of both my grandmothers talking about me on my special day.  Both are no longer with us.  I would love to have my mother’s thoughts recorded, my personal vows documented, and a recording of all the love from both those special days. This is why you need to hire a videographer for your wedding. I hope it is me, but even if it is not, hire someone. You will regret it if you do not.

Our Approach

I believe you will value this film and more importantly the words of your family as much as anything else in the future. Like so many other wonderful wedding filmmakers in Denver, I pride myself on capturing your unique love story.  I will capture your youthful beauty, I will capture your preparation, your vows, and your reception.

But, what separates our films from others is our focus on capturing your loved ones, especially your grandparents and parents in interview form. In the future what value will you put on your grandparents beaming as they talk about how proud of you they are? Do you have film of your parents bragging about what a wonderful adult you have become? How valuable will those moments be in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? When you show your kids your wedding film, will you want them to get to know you as well as your parents and grandparents personalties? How about when you show your grandkids?

This is my charge and my passion. Capturing your loved ones in a timeless way, that will only grow in value over the years. I want to work with couples who prioritize their families as much as themselves. I want couples that want to take advantage of the fact that all their loved ones are in one place at one time, celebrating them. I believe it is imperative to take this opportunity to record the voice, and wisdom of our elders.

My Story

My path to this passion and art has been winding. I have always loved film and in high school I started making films for projects in school. It laid dormant inside me for many years while I pursued various business interests (designing and selling custom furniture, moving to Denver and opening my own custom cabinet design company) until I stumbled across a non linear editing software. I quickly fell in love again with creating and editing films and have never looked back.  At the same time I found my passion for education, and specifically the education of students that lacked the many privileges I have benefited from in life. I started teaching in Montbello, in the far northeast of Denver, and instantly fell in love with the students. I quickly started an after school program to teach video editing, and was asked to teach film full time the next year. We grew the program into a very successful arts program, and I had many different students that blew me away with their work ethic, creativity and artistry. I started getting requests to film my co workers weddings, and as things often do the business started to snowball from there.  At the same time I started teaching in Montbello, I also started teaching business classes at the Community College of Aurora. I love teaching  college for so many reasons, but really love teaching at CCA because the classes are so diverse and the students often come in with so much life experience to share. In 2018 I was asked to run the entrepreneurship department at CCA, and even though it was difficult for me to leave my high school students I felt this was a great opportunity to grow as a professional, and to grow my new business. It was a powerful experience, but after a year of reflection, I felt my biggest impact would come in going back to Montbello to teach college business classes to high school students.  I not only teach them about business and my business, but my business model has been developed around hiring former students as apprentices, specifically women of color. I want to use my many privileges, to help them overcome their lack of privilege. They have the technical skills, but I want to teach them the business side, I want them to learn by doing, and one day when they are ready, I will invest in them to help start their own companies.

If you hire us, not only will you get a unique product that will only become more valuable to you through the years, but you will also be providing an opportunity for a young person to learn about business in a way that is not taught in school. You will be planting and watering a seed, that one day could have a major impact on the world.

If you have read this far I thank you and would be honored to work with and for you. Please call, text or email me and let’s set up a time for you to come to my home studio to meet, get to know each other, and talk about how we can document your special day. I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Dan Clarke EdD, MSBA


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